Friday, 28 December 2012

0 Luxury Resort in Lonavala - Phadnis Group‘s Crowning Glory

The idea of a luxury resort in Lonavala is nothing paradigmatic. However, the trick lies in who owns it and how well it is doing. That is where an enterprise like ours, Phadnis Group comes into picture.  Since our inception in 2003, we have grown as one of the prominent brands in hospitality industry in Pune. Redefining standards of luxury is what we live by and work for. Our customers swear by our expertise in the business. Luxury resorts, Spa and a Hotel Management and consultancy are what we have proven our credibility in. The way the service industry, especially the hospitality industry, including food, tourism and hotels is growing, prizes cannot be given for guessing why we have ventured into hospitality industry. All the same, just as there is a huge potential for growth in this industry, we are aware of the dare devilry we are plunging ourselves into. That is, owing to the economic fluctuations this industry is susceptible to.

But that is what we have signed up for and we are proud to have tackled these challenges with elan! Sahil Sarovar Portico, a 3-star luxury resort is where it all started from for our hospitality arm. Sahil Sarovar Portico is now one of the most popular and sought after resort in Lonavala. The story is no different for our Radisson Blu resort and Spa, in the beautiful beachside terrain of Alibaug. Unexplored, virgin beaches are the main attraction for tourists visiting Alibaug and Radisson Blu. This resort and spa boasts of well designed rooms, sports facilities, business centres and board rooms and more. Aparanta, the all day dining restaurant offering numerous buffet spreads along with multi-cuisine a la carte suggestions from an array of platters is a show stealer. Spices enhancing nuances of quintessentially regional coastal cuisine are a huge hit with the food enthusiasts at Radisson Blu.

Just as hotels, resorts and spas is our forte, we have added another feather in our cap. Phadnis Group after making its mark in the hospitality business, made its debut in hotel management and consultancy. Our team joined hands with RIMC International, a global leader in this business. RIMC Hospitality India Pvt. Ltd. is an independent hotel operating company which is involved in taking over new and existing hotels, resort properties and service apartments for management and operations in India as well as the subcontinent under different franchise brands.

Luxury resort in Lonavala, a hospitality firm and a Resort and spa in Alibaug – do we need to say more? Phadnis Group is on the high road to incredible growth and success

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

0 Phadnis Infrastructure Limited Pune

telecom sector pune

Pune has become a fast developing city since last decade. Be it education, real estate, infrastructure, IT companies or industries all have grown faster and has reached the global standards. Due to good quality education as well as highly paid jobs being available here students from all over the world and job seekers from all over India as well as the world have settled here. Hence the demand for residential and commercial spaces has increased in Pune. Pune infrastructure companies have put in their best efforts and are working hard to meet these demands and maintain quality standard.

Phadnis Infrastructure Pune is one of the successful ventures by Phadnis Group in Pune. Phadnis Infrastructure Pune has completed several prestigious projects; they also have several ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects in their hands all over the country. Considering the significant scope in the infrastructure, Phadnis Infrastructure Ltd. is prepared to undertake the giant national projects like constructions of highway, bridge, dam and theme park.

At the same time, with an intention to utilize effectively the revolution that took place in the telecommunication sector, they established a new company namely Phadnis Telecom. Phadnis Telecom Ltd. provides system integration and network services to telecom operator companies and technology providers (OEM). Through their services, the company addresses the network life cycle needs of telecom companies. Power is the key resource that plays an important role in the development of a country. Considering the huge scope for growth and increasing need of energy in India Phadnis Group has entered in sector of renewable as well as non-renewable power generation.

The company, in its way forward, aims at developing projects comprising of roads, bridges, airports and ancillaries, water supply projects, waste management, power and energy infrastructure and residential and commercial structures. The group owns ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 certificates for their excellence in the industry. Phadnis Infrastructure Pune gains further strength through its reputed and established partners. In strong collaborations with its partners, it holds the capabilities to deliver large and the most complex projects.

Tying up with various partners Phadnis Group is achieving excellence in each endeavour. The group has been successfully exploring opportunities across the globe in infrastructure development.

0 Radisson Blu a Landmark Project by Phadnis Group in Pune

The Indian hospitality industry is one of the key industries, which has been responsible for growth of the services sector in India. Indian hospitality industry is sensitive to the needs and desires of people. Indian hospitality industry has changed positively and progressively thus attracting many foreign tourists from all over the world as a result the tourism industry has also flourished.

The vibrancy of a city can be judged by the number of people eating out and this vibrancy has been observed massively in Maharashtra and especially in Pune and its nearby places. Hence, the hospitality industry has flourished tremendously in this State. Pune has huge growth potentials in the near future. According to a report presented by McKinsey Global Institute, in next two decades Pune will be sixth biggest city in India, after Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore. Many national and international food chains and 5 star hotels have been set up all over Maharashtra. Alibaug and Lonawala being the hot tourist destinations the number of 5 star hotels in Alibaug and hotels in Lonawala has increased enormously in past few years.

Phadnis Infrastructure has redefined the standards of luxury. Being successful in the real estate sector they have ventured into hospitality segment by undertaking Sahil Resorts and Spa. The 5-star Spa Resort, Radisson at Alibaug and Sahil Sarovar Portico, a 3-star hotel in Lonawala has earned name and fame for the Phadnis Group. Radisson Resort and Spa of Alibaug is respected as one of the biggest Spa resorts in the Asia and has won international awards for best spas in Asian region Sahil Sarovar Portico created an inscription and Radisson Blu became a landmark. Sahil Sarovar Portico, a 3-star luxury resort located in the beautiful hill station of Lonawala boasts of lush verdant greenery and a cool, pleasant weather.

The Phadnis Group has brought another new trend for the first time in India in the hospitality segment – Third Party Hotel Management Consultancy. A separate company – RIMC Sahil Hospitality Private Limited has been formed by bringing German multinational RIMC group in India, which provides hotel management and consultancy services to more than hundreds of famous 5 star hotels in Europe and western countries.
RIMC Sahil Hospitality India Private Limited provides tailor-made hotel solutions required by hotels at various stages from concept stages to operations. It also offers turn around services for existing properties. RIMC Sahil is now spreading its winds in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Seychelles along with India. Sahil Resorts & Spa India Ltd. has emerged as the first Indian hospitality brand to get ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

Monday, 26 November 2012

0 Phadnis Properties : Tested and Trusted Realty Leader

phadnis infrastructure
In recent years Pune has become a fast developing city, the culture, the style of living has changed drastically. Real estate in Pune has a very high demand from many localities as well as from NRIs, it is the most hot selling sector in Pune. Real estate in Pune has seen colossal changes in past few years. Hinjewadi, which is close to Baner is India’s premier IT Park, has been developed to match the international standards. Demand for residential, commercial and retail real estate has intensified in Pune as well as throughout India. The real estate developers in Pune have put its maximum efforts on developments in this area.

Phadnis Properties Limited is the one of the ventures by the Phadnis Group. Having laid various successful housing projects the group has transformed the skyline of Pune. The group has been playing a significant role in the development of urban infrastructure.

Many of the IT companies and other industries are set up nearby Baner which is a suburb of Pune. Mumbai-Pune expressway, Balewadi, Aundh, Katraj-Dehu road bypass, and Pune University are at close proximities to Baner area. Hence the number of apartments in Baner has increased a lot due to the increasing demand for residential and commercial spaces in Baner.

Some of the excellent features provided by Phadnis Properties Ltd. are planned and designed to match global scales and standards, premium residential properties with green amenities, spacious residence that generously fulfil the every individuals, luxury with utility and elegance, equipped with all the modern amenities; Spa, landscaped gardens, children play area so on.

Phadnis Properties Ltd. has already completed a few projects of apartments in Baner named Sahil Serene and Sahil Saga. The Project boasts all contemporary amenities like Landscaped Garden/Party Lawn, Swimming Pool and many more. Sahil Saga is a project of 2, 2½ and 3 BHK luxurious apartments in Baner. All residences are spaced out generously to accommodate every thought one can fancy and let one enjoy in abundance. Currently a project of apartments in Baner is ongoing named Green Square. This is a green structure involving both residential and commercial occupancies.

Eastern Ranges at Keshavnagar, Mundhwa is an ambitious new 18-acre township by Phadnis Properties Ltd. This coming-of-age project will please the most cynical critics and illuminate Pune’s eastern skyline like never-before. Some of the other ongoing projects apart from Baner projects are Takshashila at Narhe, Pune, Griha Pravesh at Noida, Delhi. Some of their completed projects are Sail Sarvadaa at NIBM road, Sahil Sujal at Navsahyadri in Pune.

Come and experience a stylish living with one of the Phadnis projects …

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

0 Call of New India

When India adopted free economic policy, we entered into the global competition. It must be noted at first that the new economic policy was formulated when Narsinh Rao was the Prime Minister and current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister; as a result of which, our nation is en route to becoming global economic super power. Truly speaking, this was an ambitious move of the then Government for facing the up coming challenges. Their harsh decisions taken at that time made Indian society, especially the industrial sphere enter into global competition. How long could we sustain that competition was the fear felt by some.

But today we can say proudly, that we have not only sustained the competition, but also we have risen as one of the Superpowers in the world. Today we are regarded as the country with highest number of young people. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased significantly. Our industries are growing despite of several international challenges. Information technology has established our new identity before the world. Indian vehicle industry also has grown outside India. A group such as Tata takes over car brands such as “Jaguar”, “Land Rover” which are high profile. Laxmi Mittal group has taken over powerful Arsenal Company. In all, last decade was the turning point where predominance of Indians started. Despite of several obstacles, average rate of economic development remained 8.7 during the period 2005-06 to 2008-09. Per Capita Income is seen to increase from 7.2%. International recession had its impacts on the Indian economy which was growing close to 9% for three consecutive years and in 2008, the rate of development reduced to 6.7%. Now it is expected to rise to 7.2; but that will not be easy. This indicates unevenness of Indian economy. Of course, despite of resistive economic and financial conditions, we achieved rapid development in 2006 and 2007. Therefore it would not be wrong to expect that development will not be affected by resistive economical conditions. Indian economy has remained safe in the world recession due to its powerful banking system.

This cannot be neglected. In Western countries, banking sector suffered from problems due to dangerous distribution of loans and then a cycle of recession started. This is a main difference between their and our conditions. Therefore there is no need to worry. But we must remain cautious. Base of true development in any country is built on its basic infrastructure. Development of basic infrastructure i.e. infrastructure development will be the central force determining direction of development in our country. We are competing with the population of China. The planned development program for development of infrastructure and a simultaneous focus given to education, health and industrial sectors is a clear eye opener for us. Rulers in our country brought plans for development of infrastructure services by recognizing this need of the hour. Formidable provisions were made for that in the five year plans. An important project connecting all states in the country with each other or slum alleviation program, efforts have been made in India. Stark scarcity of electricity in our country was a major concern, but it had not been adequately attended. Now it is utmost necessary to increase technological infrastructure services in our country which is a messenger of the revolution led by information technology. This way, this sector is facing several challenges simultaneously as true development is dependent on that only.

If the problem of energy will not be solved, then how we would fulfill our increased requirement, is an unanswered question. How industry supportive environment will be created, if there are no pucca roads, water availability, electric supply or telephone connectivity? Moreover, the significant sectors of social education and health still remain neglected up to an extent. If balance of development will not be maintained, there will be inevitable struggle between ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s. Therefore this is high time for doing development centered tasks with full use of capacity. Unfortunately, the development schemes for development of infrastructure facilities have not been started to their capacity. It is certain that everyone will face the impacts if proper expenditure is not ear marked for infrastructure development. It is cleared mentioned in Mackenzie’s report that impacts of urbanization will become serious till 2020. In this case, if we fail to plan for long term, then the possibility is more that cities will become more ugly than developed.

Development plan has not implemented in metropolitan cities such as Pune. Actually in such case, planning of coming 50 or 100 years is expected; but old plan itself has not been formulated. New development plan is limited only to debate. Population is increasing by lakh per year and at the same time; citizens are struggling for basic commodities such as water, road transport or vehicular transport. This all makes it obligatory, that a down to earth city development plan should be decided collectively by all stakeholders and its strict and timely implementation up to its capacity should be conducted. This has highest priority for me. To conclude, merely formulating policies will not suffice; the need of the hour is its strict, appropriate and timely implementation….. In fact it is the call of a new India.

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