Tuesday, 26 November 2013

0 Here's How to Choose a Relevant Hospitality Management Course

Right, so you might be thinking of working in a plush resort in Lonavala. You have applied for a number of hotel management courses in Pune. But then tragedy strikes. With a number of copies of prospectus from different institutes strewn around you, it is hard to pick the right course.  Relax; sit back as we describe for you some of the criteria for choosing a hotel and hospitality management course!

To put it simply, on a platter, while choosing a course, the most important considerations are the cost, the degree/certification, the syllabus, the credibility of faculty, placement assistance and your convenience.

1. Cost and Course Offering are perhaps the most important aspects while picking one course over another, whether you want to work in resort in Lonavala or in Austrian countryside. Obviously if the course is beyond your budget, you would not go for it. Likewise, if the course does not offer the subjects you are looking for, it will be a useless exercise to pursue the course.

2.  Faculty members are another crucial factor while learning hospitality management services. Make sure that the faculty is experienced. Moreover, if the faculty is from diverse backgrounds, it is even better, as that exposure is passed onto the students.

Sahil Sarovar Portico, Lonavala

3. Placement Assistance is generally offered by reputed institutes. But it is better to make sure if the institute has that. If not that, would the department at least help in networking? Make sure. This is important because be it resort in Lonavala, or Alibaug or any other, you would hit a dead end owing to lack of contacts and networking.

4. Timings of the course even though a minor aspect, do matter. Pick the course which offers you convenient batch timings. You wouldn't want to miss out on classes between 10am and 1 pm, if you are working full time, right?

Keeping these things in mind and going for the right course will take you places far away and better than resort in Lonavala! All the best! 

Friday, 22 November 2013

0 Shifting with Ease - Residential Projects in Pune

Okay, so you are moving into one of those ritzy ongoing residential projects in Pune. There is a (literally) a truck load of items which need to be moved. Oh gosh! Suddenly, you remember – Movers and Packers! You have to book one. Realization dawns upon you that you have never booked one. Well, let us, at Phadnis Group help you with a few things to consider while doing that and make the whole process smooth.

Vox Populi
Talk to your friends and acquaintances who have been there, done that. They would certainly have some recommendations for you. Researching on the internet in tandem will be helpful. That done, shortlist a few names and ask for an estimate.

Shoot Them
No no! We of course don’t mean by a firearm! By shoot we mean questions to be asked to the packer and mover. While moving to one of those residential projects in Pune consider asking following questions either in person or on the phone –
  • Are the employees bonded, licensed and insured
  • What is covered in the insurance if you pack yourself?
  • Are the movers who will do the job employees, or contractors or day labourers?
  • How experienced is the company?

Packing the Parcel
Identifying the items which need to be moved beforehand, while moving to any of the Pune real estate properties or otherwise avoids 11th hour hassle. When the representatives of the movers and packers come down, state clearly what would be handled by them and communicate the exact address of the new home and give them an idea of any obstacles such as stairs or narrow hallways, etc.  This is especially in connection with moving to ongoing residential projects in Pune.

Moving Insurance
In case you have any valuable items or fragile items, take a shot at asking the mover and packer if they offer optional insurance and if it is at a reasonable cost. Some companies may limit their liability if you do the packing. 

Ultimately, on the d-day, preferably supervise the packing and moving, sans freaking the movers out! After it is all over, a good idea would be to scan through your possessions and check for any damaged or missing items. If there is a minor damage, the company should ideally reimburse you.

Hopefully these tips will give your moving saga a happy ending, be it moving to one of the new flat in Pune or a resale apartment!       

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