Saturday, 30 March 2013

0 Hotel Accommodation a passe with Fine quality Resorts on the rise

Ignoring hotel accommodation while travelling is akin to forgetting to breathe! Exaggeration apart, isn’t that the main concern while travelling, be it pleasure or business? Hospitality has become an extremely lucrative business what with the boundaries of the nations dissolving in the sense that lot of people are travelling all over the world and within their own countries. We at Phadnis Group since the time of our establishment in 2003 realized this. So, even though full of risk and uncertainties, we knew that it has immense possibilities. We have always had a penchant for the making it big in the hospitality sector, which involves not just the hotels and resorts but also tourism, food/catering and others. We are proud that all of our hospitality projects have become landmarks. With lavish resorts on our check list of accomplished projects, we have redefined the standards of luxury in hospitality service. From 3 star hotels/resorts in Lonavala to hotel management and consultancy, we have carved a nice for ourself in this industry.

RIMC Sahil Hospitality India Pvt. Ltd. is our independent hotel operating venture. It takes over new and existing hotels, resort properties and service apartments for management and operations under various franchise brands in the Indian subcontinent, including India. This is a part of our collaboration with RIMC international which is a very well established international brand in hotel management and consulting. What makes RIMC Sahil Hospitality India Pvt. Ltd stand out from the rest of the pack is our long standing experience in hotel operations, development of new hotel projects and strategic management of hotels. This organization therefore creates a win-win situation for investors as well as owners of hospitality ventures. Of course, we did not get this on platter and our team at Phadnis had to slog it out, like any other organization. Our other two ventures have been equally successful and have turned out to be landmark hospitality ventures.

Sahil Sarovar Portico, Lonavala and Radisson Blu Alibaug are ideal models of premium hospitality properties, providing matchless amenities. Nowhere else would you find such impeccable hospitality service. While a spa with customized treatment in the midst of Sahyadri foothills creating a breathtaking backdrop is the unique aspect of 3 star resort luxury resort, Sahil Sarovar Portico, rooms with an out of the box design with 16 spa villas is the scoring point for Radisson Blu Resort and spa in the beautiful locales of Alibaug. We at Phadnis Group are well on our way to becoming a top brand in hospitality industry. Now are you sure that hotel accommodation is still in vogue, what with our tempting resorts? We sign off here!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

0 Infrastructure Development in Pune

On Sundays, one of the favorite activities we indulge in is passionate and heated discussion on infrastructure development in Pune. Of course, the government authorities are at helm of the discussion, which eventually ends on a note of disagreement. The point we are trying to make here is that taking a course of action is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a consolidated effort and all of us, as responsible citizens should ideally do our bit. Our team at Phadnis Group however is proud that we are putting our best foot forward and contributing to the development of Pune infrastructure. Since our inception in 2003, we have been proactively involved in infrastructure projects. We have developed, evolved and are poised to be one of the leading infrastructure brands in the country. We are at a juncture where we are significantly adding value to urban infrastructure in India.
We at Phadnis Infrastructure Ltd. have ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 certificates as our benchmark infrastructure creations, which is no mean feat. Our strength is a very talented and dedicated team with in-depth understanding of the industry. We are on the fast track to scaling greater heights and executing large-scale projects at this juncture. Some of the infrastructure development projects we have in the pipeline involve:

  • Bridges  
  • Airports and ancillaries 
  • Waste management 
  • Power and energy infrastructure 

Further, the fact that we are key players in hospitality and real estate in Pune has given us a significant advantage in our infrastructure ventures. We kick started our infrastructure projects within various parts of the country with a lot of passion. While we have bagged ESIC nursing college project in Karnataka, we have been a part of two power generation projects in

Thursday, 21 March 2013

0 Projects in Pune – Phadnis Group Adds its Special Touch

If we were to count ongoing projects in Pune at this moment, by the time we finish counting, some of them would be occupied in by worthy owners! Although this could be frightening from the perspective of Pune turning into a concrete jungle, there is a good part too. More and more developers, like us at Phadnis Infrastructure Group, are increasingly coming up with ventures which will be minimally harmful to the environment. We have always been conscious towards our responsibility for the environment. Our real estate vertical, Phadnis Properties Ltd. has been creating landmark properties considering this thumb rule. Our premium properties with impeccable specifications have given tremendous makeover to Pune’s skyline.

We have been there constantly, worked on that, created quality real estate projects for a decade now, since 2003. From luxurious apartments to swank commercial properties, we have dabbled in everything. Consequently, a number of our ventures have won prestigious awards too. Our projects have always redefined trends of lifestyle and fine living, as they are planned and designed at par with international standards and norms. Our properties have the finest of lifestyle amenities and ample space, along with eco-friendly features. At Phadnis Properties Ltd, we are constantly striving to create ideal homes for our esteemed customers and help their dreams come true. Therefore, we have our properties at the choicest convenient locations, in the proximity of the best of hospitals, shopping areas, theatres, schools and colleges and restaurants.
A fantastic example of our commitment towards presenting the best to our customers is our project comprising flats in Mundhwa, giving a tough competition to flats near Kharadi. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are referring to one of our finest Pune properties, Eastern Ranges, offering luxurious 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments and penthouses in Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa. These are residential spaces for tomorrow, especially and meticulously crafted for suave, modern and quintessentially suburban families. These are apartments in Pune where you get your own space, which will be a reflection of your personality. At the same time, you are an important part of your family, in which you blend effortlessly. These residences are nature-friendly; they are housed in climate responsive towers and have well performing and non-toxic material fittings. Health faucets and gas leak detectors are a proof enough of a healthier living environment at Eastern Ranges. At the end of the day, with such quality projects in Pune and efficient customer service, we are poised to play a larger role in real estate in Pune and India.

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